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Carp fishing

Carp fishing

Carp (carp) can be caught by following the following steps:

  • Finding a suitable place: The suitable place for carp fishing depends on the weather, as carp prefer to be in shallow water during hot weather and in deep water during cold weather. In all cases, the place must be rich in plants and insects that carp fish feed on. It is preferable to choose a place You can sit comfortably in it for several hours; Because carp fishing requires a lot of patience.
  • Putting bait on the hook: Canned corn and dough balls are among the best baits that can be used to catch carp, but it must be verified that these baits are allowed in the fishing area.
  • Throwing the hook line into the water: When throwing the hook line into the water, make sure that the line falls forward in the direction of the current, where the carp fish are supposed to go to get food, and do not throw the line directly over the fish because that might scare them.
  • Monitoring the buoy: The carp fisherman must carefully monitor the buoy, as the buoy begins to sway when there is a fish biting the bait without it getting stuck on the hook, and it sinks down when the fish gets stuck on the hook.
  • Pulling the fish: After making sure that the fish has actually bitten the hook, the fisherman must hold the hook tightly, and begin pulling the line gradually until the fish is within reach, and try to strain it before taking it out of the water. This is done by pulling the fish towards the current to force it to resist by swimming against the current.
  • Taking the fish out of the water: After making sure that the fish is really stressed, a fishing net is placed under it and it is lifted out of the water. The fish is caught by placing one hand on the belly and the other hand on the tail, and the hook is removed from its mouth. It is preferable to wear gloves to protect the hand from the fish’s fins, and put a damp cloth on it. On the fish's eyes before removing the hook to reduce its agitation.

Specifications of the tools most suitable for carp fishing

The following are the most important specifications of the tools needed for carp fishing:

Carbon fiber or fiberglass fishing rod, 2.1 - 3.7 meters long.

Strong and durable fishing lines. Monofilament nylon threads can be used because they are characterized by their ability to stretch and absorb the shock of a large fish. A twisted thread can also be used after tying it to a monofilament leader or fluorocarbon to prevent the fish from pulling the bait from the hook.

A barbed hook of an appropriate size because carp avoid large hooks, but you must verify that barbed hooks are allowed, because they are prohibited in some fishing areas.

Locations of carp

Carp belongs to the Cyprinidae family, the largest species of freshwater fish. The continent of Asia is the original home of carp, from where it was brought to Europe, North America, and other places in the world, where carp live in ponds, lakes, and rivers. It is known for its negative impact on many plants and animals because it muddies the water while trying to get food, so it is considered an undesirable species, and a lot of effort is made to get rid of it, through traps and nets, except Most of these efforts fail due to its ability to reproduce and thrive even in polluted water.

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