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Best Way To Catch Fish With a Hook

Best Bait For Fishing

The type of bait used depends on the environment in which the fish lives, as the bait used for catching marine fish or saltwater fish differs from the bait used for catching freshwater fish, and one of the best types of bait used for catching marine fish is; Marine worms, eels, crabs, shrimp, and squid, As for freshwater fish, it is preferable to use the following types of baits to catch them:

Sliced ​​fish: This type of bait is used to catch catfish and carp.

Leeches: Leeches are used as bait to catch pike and walleye. It is preferable to attach the leech to the hook on the tail side.

Dough balls: This is a bait that can be prepared at home, and it can also be purchased from stores specializing in fishing equipment, and each type of it is used to catch a specific type of fish. Including trout, catfish, and smelt.

Larvae: They are ideal for catching trout and Mola Mola (in English: Sunfish). The larvae can be obtained from the soil or from among the leaves of plants, and they can also be obtained from fishing equipment stores.

Minnow or minnow: It is a small fish used to catch seabass and pike. The hook can be passed through the mouth or tail of the fish or through the back over the dorsal fins, depending on the fishing method followed.

Insects: Ants, beetles, grasshoppers, and crickets can be used to catch different types of fish, such as: Mola Mola and trout.

Oysters and Shells: Oysters and shells found in an area can be used to catch local fish.

Lobster: Whole live lobster, hung on a hook by the tail, is used to catch smallmouth bass, and dead lobster is used to catch catfish, bullhead, and carp.

Worms: Earthworms are used to catch bigeye and bass, and manure worms collected from horse and cattle stalls can also be used to catch mola mola and trout.

Eel: Eel is used to catch some types of river fish, including striped bass. The hook can be passed through the eyes or lips of the eel. It can also be cut into small pieces and attached to the hook.

Salmon eggs: Salmon eggs can be used to catch salmon and trout.

Classification of Bait Used For Fishing

One of the most common recreational fishing methods is that in which a fishing rod is used consisting of a reel, line, and hook on which one of the known types of bait is fixed. The bait that can be used depends on the type of fish to be caught, the type of water, the time of year, and the type of natural food for the fish. It is worth noting that it is necessary to review local regulations to ensure the types of baits allowed to be used in the area. The types of baits used for fishing are classified as follows:

Natural bait: whether the bait is live or dead, such as: worms, leeches, etc.

Artificial bait: One of its types is artificial attracting bait (in English: Fishing lure), which is similar in appearance and movement to natural bait, and is preferred by some fishermen because it lasts for a longer period of time than natural bait. Among its types is the artificial fly (in English: Artificial flies), which resembles live bait and can float. On the surface or diving under the water, depending on its type.

How to use bait to catch fish

The bait can be fixed on the hook by holding the hook tightly with one hand, pushing it straight to penetrate the bait from a specific location, and repeating this in two or three places on the bait. It is preferable, if the bait is a worm, to pierce it using the hook in a position one third away from the head from the body. And also on the tail side to ensure that the worm does not fall from the hook. After that, the hook and the bait are thrown into the water. When the fish swallows the bait and begins trying to get rid of the hook, the fisherman feels the movement and begins to wind the hook’s thread on the reel to pull the fish.

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