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Fly Fishing Catch And Release

Fishing is a very popular sport and due to the intense fishing activity there is a high fish kill rate. To avoid harming nature, many anglers prefer to catch fish and then release them. You decide if you want to release all the fish you have caught, or keep a few and release them. some steal Fishing enthusiasts keep a portion of the catch sufficient for consumption and release the rest into the water.

If you want to practice the catch-and-release fly fishing method, you must be very careful not to injure the fish. Therefore, you must crush the hook head or use hooks without barbs. Another important point to keep in mind is to keep the fight as short as possible, to prevent the fish from getting tired. It is better to bring the fish to hand at the first opportunity, but leave it underwater. Then gently use the fishing pliers Remove the hook while holding the fish underwater.

Sometimes the fish may seem too tired to swim away. In such a situation, hold the fish underwater around it THE caudal wrist region It's just before that THE Tail. sustain stomach fish with the other hand. Now very gently shake the fish back and forth so that the water enters the mouth and passes over the gills. This will help the fish quickly regain their energy. As soon as you feel him pull away, release your hold and let him go. It is one of the most rewarding experiences in fishing.

Anglers prefer to keep the biggest catch and release the smallest. However, larger fish more Appropriate For hatchery And If the big Fish We are released, He she will be guarantee a correct fish production for the future. He she He is SO wise For canned THE the smallest Fish For consumption instead of Since the biggest.

Another misconception among anglers is that it's okay to catch as many fish as possible. As long as they are We are everyone released Refer to THE waters. However, AJ number of fish We are hurt In The process of catching and releasing fly fishing. Fish caught and released are traumatized in the process and may take a long time to recover from the ordeal. Sometimes some fish may die, increasing the overall mortality rate, even though the angler may have released all of their catch.

Fly fishing is possible He is a very Pleasant sports and a satisfactory experience If the Catch And Exercise the release method. Each version of the fish contributes significantly to conservation efforts. It also guarantees a fish supply for the future.

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